FH Bielefeld
University of
Applied Sciences

Corporate Social Responsibility


As an institution, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences also has a social responsibility over and beyond teaching and research. When formulating the university’s self-conception, Bielefeld UAS developed a five-pillar concept for social responsibility that is aimed at students, employees and the regional environment. All forms of social engagement are to be systematised and become more transparent, and organised in a more sustainable manner.

In concrete terms, this links social responsibility to the teaching programme and promotes students’ engagement in the region. Every year, a commitment prize is awarded for exemplary student contribution to society. Other objectives include advancing the professionalisation of social engagement and enhancing the attractiveness of Bielefeld UAS as an employer, for example through certification as a family-friendly university.

Bielefeld UAS has initiated an array of measures for the integration of refugees – which is certainly the biggest and most urgent current social project. Information and advice are provided for the refugees themselves and also for disseminators. In addition to German language courses and the possibility of attending seminars and lectures as guest students, young people may also enrol as students of the university provided they have appropriate university entrance qualification and sufficient knowledge of the German language.

The five-pillar concept:
1. Integration of social responsibility into the teaching programme
2. Use of student platforms for service learning
3. Accolades for lectures that implement social responsibility
4. Enhancing employer attractiveness
5. Professionalisation of university commitment to social responsibility