Faculty of Business and Health

The Faculty of Business and Health is divided into the Department of Business and the Department of Nursing and Health. Thanks to an extensive network of companies, universities and nursing institutions, teaching and research are practice-oriented and have an international focus. Work placements and study-related projects make for fascinating studies and prepare students optimally for a career start. Small classes allow close contact between students and teaching staff.

With around 3,300 students, the Faculty of Business and Health is the biggest Faculty at FH Bielefeld. In numerous Bachelor and Master programmes from Business Administration to Business Law and from Business Information Systems to Business Psychology, students can study all aspects of the economy full-time or part-time while holding a job. The Faculty’s degree course in International Studies in Management is also partly held in the English language.

The Department of Business teaches fundamental interrelationships and methods in sub-fields such as management, marketing, accounting, human resources, taxation and business information systems.

In the Department of Nursing and Health, students are qualified to take on special tasks in ward teams and in patient care. The dual-qualification programme in Nursing is offered in Bielefeld and also on the Minden Campus. The Department of Nursing and Health also qualifies prospective teachers in the Health professions. The research institute for educational and health-care research in the health sector – called InBVG – is part of the Faculty.

Academic Programmes

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