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IT Services

The university provides staff, students and other groups of people at the university with access to the IT infrastructure and IT Services of the university’s Data Processing Centre (Datenverarbeitungszentrale, DVZ). The most important IT Services are described below, morer information and other services can be found here: https://www.fh-bielefeld.de/dvz/it-services (German)


VPN – Virtual Private Network – is required for remote access to our electronic services, such as databases, ebooks or essays in electronic form. This free service of the Data Processing Centre is available to students and university members at any time. You will need to install software, a so-called VPN client, which will allow you to log into the university network and access the university library’s comprehensive electronic resources.

For further information, installation instructions and FAQs visit: Data Processing Centre.
Download the VPN client:  https://www.fh-bielefeld.de/softwareportal

Printing, copying, scanning

For students and other groups of people, multifunctional devices with which you can print, copy and scan are available at all sites. You will need an FHCard or a ServiceCard from student services (Studierendenwerk Bielefeld). These prepaid cards can be topped up at student services (in the canteens or cafeterias).

Prints and copies are subject to a charge that will be deducted from the existing credit balance. Scans are free of charge, but a credit balance must be available on the card so that the scan can be initiated on the device. If you want to print, log on to a PC at the university with your university login. In the printer menu of your document, please select the printer “printservice.” Now you can go to any of the university’s public multifunctional devices and start the actual printing of the file on the device itself. Card terminals are installed at the multifunctional devices, where you identify yourself with your FHCard or the ServiceCard from Studierendenwerk

Students or other groups of people without an FHCard may also use the ServiceCard from Studierendenwerk to print documents on the university library’s PCs and in some PC pool rooms via a separate print queue. For each print job, the card number on the ServiceCard must be entered. The activation and output of print jobs can be done at any of the university’s public multifunctional devices (FollowMePrinting). 

Current printing charges on standard paper (white, 80 g/m²) per page amount to:

  • A4 B&W print: €0,04
  • A3 B&W print: €0,08
  • A4 colour print: €0,10
  • A3 colour print: €0,20
  • A3/A4 scan: free of charge

For further information please visit the Data Processing Centre:

FAQs: https://www.fh-bielefeld.de/dvz/dks/studierende 


The Data Processing Centre provides Wi-Fi on the university campus at all locations. Students, employees and, if applicable, external library users from other universities may use the eduroam. For guests and visitors of the university, the BiFree Wi-Fi is available.

Login data

username: universityusername@university (e.g. ttestmann@fh-bielefeld.de) Not your actual e-mail address! 
password: universitypassword (e.g. your usual university password)