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With the DAAD-funded project “Digital Mobil @ FH Bielefeld”, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is pursuing the goal of enabling students to gain international experience, regardless of whether or not a stay abroad is an integral part of their degree programme. For this purpose, the cross-cutting issues of internationalisation and digitalisation are systematically combined. Thereby, students get opportunities to actively acquire intercultural, interdisciplinary, digital and foreign language skills for a later working life.




“Digital Mobil” comprises four sub-projects with different priorities:

Curricula and study programmes

Sub-project 1 focuses on curricula and study programmes. Together with our partner universities, we work on creating an additional double-degree programme and joint interdisciplinary project modules, so that students can gather experience in digitally supported cooperation.

Methodological knowledge and digital competencies

Sub-project 2 concentrates on sharing and generating digital and international teaching content with our partners, thereby creating a Community of Practice not only with each other but also with other interested universities. To do so, we undertake to create Open Educational Resources (OER).

Digital infrastructure for transnational teaching

Sub-project 3 has a technical focus on infrastructure for transnational teaching. It addresses options for linking learning management systems and reducing technical obstacles for transnational student collaboration.

Administrative processes according to the Student Journey

Finally, sub-project 4 aims to establish a student administration according to the Student Journey. We identify and make necessary adjustments to administrative processes to simplify recognition of study achievements in the context of transnational studies, thereby facilitating student mobility.


Our partners

In developing and implementing “Digital Mobil”, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences relies on long-standing partner universities. Measures are designed and implemented in close cooperation.

Boise State University, USA Hallym University, Korea South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Finland Tukish-German University Istanbul, Turkey

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