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Microcredentials: Participation Information for Students of Bielefeld UAS

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Try studying at one of our Finnish partner universities with Microcredentials!


What are Microcredentials?

The term “Microcredential” consists of micro (small) and credential (certificate). With this programme, you can take individual courses abroad – online and from home. Upon successful completion, you will receive a transcript from XAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Your benefits

  • You will collect credit points, which may be accredited to your studies at Bielefeld UAS
  • You will enhance your foreign language skills
  • You will receive a first impression of studying abroad


Microcredentials at XAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

The course calendar contains all courses at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) that you can currently register for.

In the instructions, you will learn how to register and have a course accredited at Bielefeld UAS step by step.


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