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Open Educational Resources for digital international teaching

Please feel free to use our Open Educational Resources (OER), which can be downloaded from this website. Our self-study course “Intercultural Competence” (German/English) is also available in the public space of our learning management system ILIAS. On Github, you find two lectures published as OER: Artificial Intelligence and Compiler Construction.


Collage mit OER Material aus der Download Liste


Resources for international virtual student teams

Course Contract (DOCX, 40,6 kB)
Tool to clarify how students are expected to engage in a course
Team Contract (DOCX, 48,8 kB)
Tool to help student teams organizing their collaboration
Roles in Group Work (DOCX, 50,0 kB)
Tool to help students assigning roles and responsibilities in a team
Roles in Group Work_Poster (PPTX, 636,9 kB)
Image and tasks helping students to reflect on roles in their team
Setting SMART Goals (DOCX, 56,9 kB)
Tool helping student teams to define joint goals
Meeting Minutes Template (DOCX, 45,9 kB)
Minutes template for student teams
Individual Meeting Reflection (DOCX, 44,9 kB)
Questions helping students to reflect on their experiences in international meetings
Collaborative Writing Strategies (DOCX, 516,1 kB)
Different strategies to organize a collaborative writing project in student teams
How to Write a Good Blog Post (DOCX, 46,7 kB)
Tips for writing a blog post that is appropriate for the target audience
Netiquette International Online Discussions (DOCX, 46,3 kB)
Rules for respectful interaction in international digital courses
Checklist for Video Conferencing (DOCX, 46,0 kB)
Checklist to be prepared for video conferences
Group Bingo (PPTX, 68,2 kB)
An icebreaker game for international student groups
Tips for virtual (international) teams (PPTX, 9,9 MB)
Tips on how to avoid the most common problems in virtual (international) teams