Services for teachers

On this page you will find support offers from Digital Mobil @ FH Bielefeld for teachers participating in the project.

You teach at Bielefeld UAS or at a partner university and would also like to participate in the project with a digital and international course? Contact us by mail to


Instructional Design

Contact: Vicky Großkreuz -   

  • Design online courses and learning scenarios within or outside of a learning management system
  • Create and publish OER
  • Plan and publish instructional videos
  • Design motivating teaching materials
  • Ensure and verify learning success

Instructional Design

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Accompaniment of international student groups

Contact: Maximilian Köster -   

  • Networking students from different countries
  • Enable and accompany collaboration via digital tools and platforms
  • Create a sense of "we" in international virtual groups
  • Establishing rules for joint work and finding compromises
  • Conflict moderation and resolution
  • Promote intercultural, interdisciplinary and digital competencies
  • Stimulating and guiding reflection on intercultural exchange

Studierenden Begleitung

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Contact: Alina Medvedeva-Födisch -

  • Learning videos
  • Table-Top-Videos
  • Staged learning videos
  • Lecture recordings
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts / audio recordings
  • Livestreaming


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ILIAS course exchange with other universities

Contact: Daniel Kappe –

  • Support for sharing courses with other universities through the Elearning Community Server (ECS) or LTI solution
  • Technical support for instructors and students in released courses
  • Extension of the ECS network of the FH Bielefeld

Europakarte mit Vernetzten Fäden

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Administrative questions

Contact: Felix Bitterer –   

  • Support with questions regarding the recognition of study achievements abroad
  • Development and establishment of the Platform for International Student Mobility (PIM)
  • Analysis of study programs and processes with regard to structures that promote and hinder mobility

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