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Scholarships for International Students

Every year, scholarships are awarded to international students through the International Office. On this page, you will find information on opportunities for support, application deadlines and requirements.

Notes on the scholarships

Application period
The application period for all scholarships start at the end of November/beginning of December each year.
The application period for scholarships in 2022 is over.

Scholarships for refugees
Are you eligible for a scholarship for refugees? Please find further information here: https://www.fh-bielefeld.de/internationales/fluechtlinge/stipendien-fuer-das-studium [German]

In 2022, the International Office of Bielefeld UAS offers the following scholarships (please note that the application period is over):

From the university’s quality improvement funds
  • 4 Commitment Scholarships
    • This commitment scholarship is for international students enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s programme at Bielefeld UAS who have shown social or intercultural commitment. For example, this includes membership in a social, non-profit association, volunteer work or unpaid work in one or more non-profit organisations.
    • Duration: 6 months (summer semester 2022)
    • Per month: €450.00
    • Total: €2,700.00 


  • 3 Full-Year Scholarships
    • The full-year scholarship is for international students from all bachelor’s and master’s programmes at Bielefeld UAS. It is awarded to students with good academic performance compared with others from their study programme. For this, the average grade is compared to that of other applicants.
    • Duration: 12 months (summer semester 2022–winter semester 2022/23)  
    • Per month: €450.00
    • Total: €5,400.00 
From the DAAD’s “STIBET III – Matching Funds” programme
  • 1 CLAAS Matching Funds Full-Year Scholarship
    • The CLAAS scholarship is for bachelor and master students, ideally from a technical study programme, such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science or Business Information Systems. Apart from financial support, you will have the opportunity to participate in the one-year non-material support programme of the family-owned business. You will be invited to workshops and events on a regular basis. In addition, you will be mentored by a CLAAS employee from a business unit matching your study programme, who will assist you in subject-specific and career-related questions.
    • Duration: 12 months (summer semester 2022–winter semester 2022/23)  
    • Per month: 1st month: €337.00; subsequent months: €333.00
    • Total: €4,000.00 


  • 6 Semester Scholarships
    • The semester scholarship is provided by Fördergesellschaft FH Bielefeld e.V., the Association for International Students in Bielefeld (ViSiB) and funds from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in equal parts. It is for international students from all bachelor’s and master’s programmes at Bielefeld UAS. It is awarded to students who have distinguished themselves by good academic performance or social commitment.
    • Duration: 6 months  
    • Per month: 1st month: €335.00; subsequent months: €333.00
    • Total: €2,000.00 
From private funds
  • 1 Full-Year Scholarship from the Böllhoff Family
    • The Bielefeld-based company Böllhoff is a world-renowned provider of technologies, services and fastening, assembly and system technology. In 2022, Michael Böllhoff is providing a full-year scholarship from his own funds again, which is directed at talented students from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.
    • Duration: 12 months
    • Per month: €100.00
    • Total: €1,200.00


Information on applications:

Requirements for applications

Students who fulfil the following requirements may apply for a scholarship:

  1. Non-German nationality and acquisition of university entrance qualification abroad
  2. Regular matriculation at Bielefeld UAS in summer semester 2022 (for a full-year scholarship until the end of the winter semester 2022/23)
  3. Above-average...
    • Academic performance (for students from the 2nd semester or higher)
    • Grade of the university entrance qualification (for students from the 1st semester)
  4. Social or international commitment (as an alternative to academic performance)

A maximum of €450.00 in monthly earnings (i.e. work remuneration)

Application documents
  • Scholarship form incl. letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Proof of grades
    • Up-to-date overview of grades (can be submitted until the end of the deadline for applications, but not after that)
    • For students from the 1st semester: Proof of grade from the university entrance qualification
  • Proof of social commitment, if applicable
Selection process for all scholarships

The students who will receive a scholarship will be selected by a committee with representatives from the Executive Board, the International Office, the scholarship donors, the student union and professors.

The applicants will introduce themselves personally in a 15-minute interview. Please reserve 23 and 24 February 2022 for a possible interview. An enrolment certificate for the summer semester 2022 must be presented by the date of the interview.

The scholarship ceremony will take place on 2 May 2022. Participation is mandatory for all scholarship holders.

Please note: The deadline for applications has already passed.

Only complete applications will be considered.


Please send your application documents to:
Fachhochschule Bielefeld, z.H. International Office
Interaktion 1
33609 Bielefeld

or send them in a PDF file to: international.office@fh-bielefeld.de

After receipt of your application, we will contact you in writing at the beginning of February.


Please find further opportunities for scholarships in the scholarship database of the German Academic Exchange Service