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ViSiB Emergency Assistance

The Association for International Students in Bielefeld (Verein für Internationale Studierende in Bielefeld, ViSiB) has been a point of contact for (new) international inhabitants of Bielefeld to help them with problems since 1985.

Financial support by ViSiB in case of emergency

The Coronavirus pandemic does not only challenge our daily routines, but also faces many people with the question how they can manage financially. At Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, this especially affects international students. Sometimes you slip into financial trouble faster than you might have thought. If this is happening to you and other support is not available (in time), please do not hesitate to turn to the International Office.

Thanks to the support of ViSiB, the International Office is able to provide one-time emergency assistance, in some cases also over the course of several months.

We will be happy to talk about your financial trouble confidentially and anonymously.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at international.office@fh-bielefeld.de.