General information

Please follow these steps to insure your own, but also the safety of other students
  • Cleanse your hands thoroughly and in the correct manner (For more information please see the tips of the World Health Organisation on this website:
  • Avoid contact with people who are visibly ill, esp. those who seem to suffer from fever, coughing or breathing difficulties
  • If you have the possibility, vaccinate yourself against the common cold
  • There are possibilities to disinfect your hands all over Bielefeld campus

If you experience symptoms of fever, breathing difficulties or coughing, please immediately inform a hospital or doctor in Bielefeld and consult them by telephone beforehand. Please remember to phone them first, since the hospital and doctors would like to avoid chances of the virus spreading in the waiting rooms.


If you need to reach someone outside of office hours or if your phone calls are not successfull, please use the medical on-call service number: 116117
(see download box on the left side)

Hotlines of our hospitals are:

0049521 5890 Franziskus Hospital
0049521 5810 City Hospital Bielefeld
0049521 772700 Hospital Bethel
0049521 9430 Hospital Rosenhöhe

If you fear that you have been contaminated with the virus, please also

  • inform the international office of FH Bielefeld immediately by e-mail
  • avoid unnecessary contact with others
  • stay home as far as possible (volunatry quaranteen to avoid public space and the FH Bielefeld for at least 14 days)
  • keep your distance from others when couhging or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a flexed ellbow or use a tissue that you can dispose of immediately
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth


The FH Bielefeld determines all future steps regarding measures against the virus according to the RKI (Robert Koch institute).


Post-vaccination for international students

Students who have been vaccinated abroad with COVID-19 vaccines that are not licensed in the EU need a renewed vaccination. This is the only way they can present valid proof of vaccination in Germany.

Here is an overview of which vaccines are licensed in the EU:;jsessionid=6F87823A7B6E56792FDD0739F8BBA831.intranet231?cms_pos=3

You can find further information on post-vaccination for international students here.