Corona Updates (Photo by Thomas Handke, FH Bielefeld)

Important note

FH Bielefeld determines measures against the corona virus in accordance to recommendations by the RKI (Robert Koch institute): The RKI classifies countries as (high) risk areas when their number of confirmed Corona cases is too high!

Warning sign in yellowBefore you travel, kindly check current information here: (This information is updated frequently.)

If you come from a (high)risk area or a virus variant area, check Germany's regulations on travel from risk areas here:

and here:


Information for Incomings from a Risk Area/ Virus Variant Area

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany has released new regulations when it comes to entering Germany from a (high) risk area or a virus variant:

 Update: 27 March 2021

All Travelers

  1. You are required to conduct a digital registration on entry. Please enter information on the places you stayed over the previous 10 days on the website
  2. After filling in all of the necessary information, you will receive a PDF file as confirmation. Before transporting you, your carrier will check whether you are in possession of a confirmation.

Virus Variant Area

All travels who have stayed in a so-called Virus Variant Area 10 days prior to their travel to Germany must go into quarantine for 14 days immediately upon entry into Germany. It is not possible to prevent quarantine by travelling with a negative PCR test. A shortened quarantine is also NOT POSSIBLE.

 (High) Risk Area
You will either need to travl with a negative 48h PCR test or go into quarantine.

The rules for (high) risk areas in North Rhine Westfalia state:

  1. Get tested no earlier than 48h before you enter Germany. You can enter with a negative PCR test result. The result must be in German or English.
  2. Instead, you can also quarantine for 10 days.
  • Quarantine can be lifted earlier, at the earliest after five (5) days, if you submit a negative test result.
  • Within 10 days after entry, the public health office may require that you submit a negative test result or, if you do not possess such a result, that you have yourself tested.

Further Instructions:

  • Inform the International Office of FH Bielefeld about your arrival date.
  • During the quarantine period, you are not allowed leave your house or apartment, nor receive guests. Please do not forget that these measures are meant to protect your family, neighbours and all other persons around you. Non-compliance with the quarantine rules can be penalised by fine!



Important Note for travellers

Most importantly: Regardless of whether you provide a negative Corona test, travellers from risk areas are not allowed to enter the buildings of FH Bielefeld up to 14 days after their arrival.  This regulation has been decided by the Presidential Board of FH Bielefeld in order to limit the spread of the Corona Virus.


Thank you for your support in flattening the curve!

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