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Student Counselling Service



As the International Office would like for you all to feel as comfortable as possible during your time here, we would like to point you to an important service: Our university offers counselling and advice for all kinds of challenges in life: If you feel tired, overhwelmed, lonely or need advice, our Student Counselling Service is your point of contact!

Their advice is free, strictly anonymous and without any obligations.

This is a service for any small or bigger emotional issue and everything that is discussed there is kept a secret between you and the counsellor.

The people you can speak to (in English) are

Just contact them to set up a (Zoom) meeting or arrange a phone call.

Is on-campus advice not anonymous enough for you? Then you can contact Dr. phil. Marita Ripke and ask about free counselling addresses in the city of Bielefeld, points of contact that offer a service in English.

Please note

You are always welcome to come to the International Office for advice, but especially emotional support is best done by the uni’s Counselling Service. You can go there directly without involving the International Office if you want to.

Don’t let your time here be in vain. Seek help if you need it!