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UN Academic Impact (UNAI)

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In May 2022, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences joined the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) initiative, which aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in supporting and contributing to the realization of United Nations goals and mandates, including the promotion and protection of human rights, access to education, sustainability and conflict resolution. In this initiative, compliance with and support for the 17 UN Sustainability Goals are key.

The membership at UNAI combines two of Bielefeld UAS’s strategic cross-cutting issues: sustainability and internationalisation. In view of the dramatic global developments in the fields of economics, ecology and social affairs, Bielefeld UAS feels a responsibility to contribute to sustainability and sustainable development. In order to do so, it develops sustainability as one of its central strategic issues through a strategy process in coordinated fields of action that enhance the university’s profile, forming the framework for the sustainable transformation of our university at all levels. The process is then implemented through projects and measures developed by working groups. For our university, the fields of action in which the working groups will be active include study and teaching, research and transfer, campus life, building lifecycle as well as administration and governance.

Together with all members of the university, we want to make our own contribution to sustainable development and also provide an impetus to the region. As a socially responsible university that is open to the world, networking with international organisations and universities is also an important concern for us. UNAI membership enables us to participate in the global exchange of knowledge with more than 1,400 member institutions in more than 147 countries.