Data Protection Declaration

Access data

Upon every instance of user access to a Fachhochschule Bielefeld website page and every time a file offered by the Fachhochschule Bielefeld is opened, access data is stored. Each data record consists of:

  • the date and time of the first retrieval (encrypted)
  • the date and time of the last retrieval (encrypted)
  • the current sessionIP
  • the current navigation category
  • the current navigation items

This data is not user-related. It is exclusively used for statistic purposes and not forwarded to Third Parties. The FH Bielefeld does not form personal user profiles.


IP Address

Temporary registration of your IP number is required when you visit WWW pages of The IP address is the identification of a computer which is valid worldwide, and consists of four blocks of numbers separated by dots.

Upon access to a page, the IP number of the enquiring computer is used as an address for the reply. The requesting computer has either been assigned this address on a permanent basis or been allocated a temporary session address by the user's provider.


Cookies and active contents

We use cookies to create the data records cited above. The cookies remain valid for 40 days after creation.

In addition, we use JavaScript to support navigation on our pages.



Personal data is collected in the forms, compiled into an email and forwarded to the member of staff appointed to process electronic enquiries. Such enquiries will be deleted by the processing person after one month, at the latest, however, after conclusion of the administration process.