Students Information

Please note that most courses are held in German. Please prepare well before your stay abroad and consider taking German classes at institutions like the Goethe-Institut or the Online Linguistic Support (OLS). Even if the courses you are taking at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences are taught in English, you should consider learning German to manage everyday life in Germany.

A German language course is also offered in the orientation week and during the semester.

The Faculty of Business and Health offers an English-taught programme, which can be found in the Download Box on this page.

Course prospectus summer semester 2017 (GERMAN)


Advisory Services and Support

During your stay at the FH Bielefeld, you will be looked after by the International Office, which should be your first port of call after arriving in Bielefeld.

It is advisable to arrive in Bielefeld early enough to be able to take part in the orientation week at the beginning of every term. In addition to finding out about how to organise and plan your studies, you’ll also gain information about the structure of the FH Bielefeld and also have the chance to get to know other students from your exchange programme or course.

We strongly advise you to participate in the orientation week, in order to manage all your formalities after arriving in Bielefeld, to improve your German language skills and to make new friends.