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Asia Exchange: Bewerbungsaufruf für ein Studium in Asien oder Europa im Sommersemester 2021

Eine Frau steht mit dem Rücken zur Kamera. Sie hält ihren Hut fest. Im Hintergrund sieht man einen hohen Berg.

Die Bewerbungsfristen für das Sommersemester 2021 rücken näher. Asia Exchange möchte Studierenden trotz COVID-19 die Möglichkeit bieten, ein Auslandssemester zu genießen. Daher empfiehlt Asia Exchange aus ihrer Erfahrung, Universitäten aus Thailand, Südkorea, Italien oder Portugal zu wählen, da sich diese aufgrund der Semestervorkehrungen in diesem Herbst als die sichersten Optionen erwiesen haben. In diesen Destinationen wird das Semester höchstwahrscheinlich auch im nächsten Frühjahr 2021 auf dem Campus stattfinden, und es ist bereits jetzt möglich, in jedes der Länder einzureisen.



The country is world-famous for its high educational standards and Seoul is ranked among the best student cities in the world. The country’s rapid and effective response to Covid-19 has made them become a model for dealing with the virus. 

Apply to Hanyang University - Seoul 
Hanyang University is ranked 146 in QS global world ranking and both bachelor and master courses are available. The university is perfect for students who would like to take courses within the fields of engineering, business, economics, pharmacy, public relations, and physics.
Application deadline January 25, 2020

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Apply to Hankuk University - Seoul 

Hankuk University is rated as the best private university in South Korea. You can take both bachelor's and master's courses. If you are interested in taking courses within Asian studies business, economics education, international studies, languages, social sciences, and engineering, then apply to Hankuk University.

Application deadline December 14, 2020

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Thailand is known for its great food, stunning beaches, friendly locals, and beautiful ancient temples. The country is used to tourists which makes it easy for international students to get around and adapt to everyday life. Thailand’s internationally-admired performance in the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has showcased the exceptional strengths of the country’s health care system. 


Apply to UTCC - Bangkok

The University of the Thai Chamber of commerce is the perfect choice for students who would want to study one or two semesters within the fields of Business administration or accounting. Both bachelor and master level courses are available.

Application deadline November 1, 2020

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Apply to Kasetsart University in Bangkok

Kasetsart University is the most popular public university in Thailand. Both bachelor and master level courses are available. You can take courses within the fields of agriculture, business, economics, engineering, humanities and social, sciences and tourism.

Application deadline November 1, 2020

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Apply to Prince of Songkla University in Phuket

Prince of Songkla University is one of Thailand´s top 5 universities. The university offers only bachelor courses. If you are a bachelor student looking for courses within the fields of business, economics, administration, management, culture, hospitality, tourism, and languages then PSU would be your perfect fit.

Application deadline November 1, 2020

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Portugal is attractive to students due to its relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals. Also, a study from Nova University shows that the development of COVID-19 is and has been the lowest in Europe. 


European University of Lisbon

Join over 200 international students from all around the world at the European University of Lisbon. The university is located in the centre of Lisbon and aims to prepare its students to become Global Professionals of the future, with all the necessary skills to achieve professional success anywhere in the world. The university offers only bachelor level courses within the fields of management, marketing, hospitality & tourism management, games & apps development, creative technologies, and global design.

Application Deadline February 1, 2021

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If you look for captivating hinterlands, out of this world beaches, cozy cafés, and endearing eccentricities then Sardinia would be the perfect choice. Sardinia is located 202km west of the Italian mainland and 12km from the French island Corsica. This remoteness was and still is a great advantage for Sardinians during the pandemic and is also the reason why there are low numbers of COVID-19 cases. 


The University of Cagliari in Sardinia

The University is officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education. The university offers both bachelor's and master's courses. Choose courses within the fields of business, economics, languages and communication, pharmacy, architecture, engineering, and computer science.

Application deadline November 30, 2020

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Berater für Auslandsstudium und -praktikum
Felix Kraemer