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European Summer School

Experience the country of "Sauerkraut", "Bier", "Kuckucksuhren", "Strudel" and find out if Germans really have a lack of humour…

Teilnehmer und Hochschulangehörige der European Summer School 2019 stehen auf der Treppe für ein Gruppenfoto.

Members of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Participants of the European Summer School 2019

European Summer School in Bielefeld – what happened so far

The first Summer School at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld (FH Bielefeld) took place in May/June 2009. Meanwhile, we had 180 students coming from the United States (Northern Michigan, West Florida, East Stroudsburg/PA), Canada (Regina/SK, Winnipeg/MB), Mexico, Europe (France, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland) and Asia from the Near East to the Far East (Jordan, India, South Korea). In addition to professors from Bielefeld, about 50 external lecturers from our partner universities offered courses. They came from the Netherlands, Spain, United States, India, Mexico, Czech Republic, Finland, Turkey and South Korea. In cooperation with our International Office, an attractive study and cultural program has been set up. The European Summer School found its special place among the international activities of the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.


European Summer School on "European Business and Culture" 2022: 16.05. - 24.06.2022

Classes in Business in Europe

  • 6 Credits + 2 for labs
  • Field trips
  • Company visits
  • Cultural program
  • Free accommodation
  • Full insurance package
  • Free local transportation pass
  • Additional labs for research
  • Admin support
  • Personal mentoring program

What will it cost me?

  • Package price in total 1.490 Euro (only cost price charged, no margins)
  • Meals not included
  • Travel to/from Germany not included

At the Ritz or under the bridge?

  • All classes on safe modern campus
  • Accommodation in well-equipped dorms in city center
  • Efficient local transportation
  • Meals available on campus at very reasonable prices

For details, see material in the Download-Section on the left


Video statement from participants of a previous European Summer School