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Experience the country of "Sauerkraut", "Bier", "Kuckucksuhren", "Strudel" and find out if Germans really have a lack of humour…
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Members of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and Participants of the European Summer School 2019

European Summer School in Bielefeld – what happened so far

The first Summer School at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld (FH Bielefeld) took place in May/June 2009. Meanwhile, we had 180 students coming from the United States (Northern Michigan, West Florida, East Stroudsburg/PA), Canada (Regina/SK, Winnipeg/MB), Mexico, Europe (France, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland) and Asia from the Near East to the Far East (Jordan, India, South Korea). In addition to professors from Bielefeld, about 50 external lecturers from our partner universities offered courses. They came from the Netherlands, Spain, United States, India, Mexico, Czech Republic, Finland, Turkey and South Korea. In cooperation with our International Office, an attractive study and cultural program has been set up. The European Summer School found its special place among the international activities of the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.


European Summer School (ESS) 2021: "Business in Europe" (digital) -
10 May to 28 May 2021

Corona cannot stop us from offering our annual ESS, which normally takes place in presence. It is important for us to keep in contact with the employees and students at our partner universities. Instead of a six-week program as usually, a different and exciting three-week digital format will be offered.

During the first and third week there will be two hours of lectures a day by lecturers from various predominantly European countries such as Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Germany. After the lectures, highlights such as talks or guided tours of the ECB and local companies such as Oetker and Schüco, a discussion with a member of the German Bundestag and activities with the local Buddies etc. are planned.

The second week is a very special one: Teams mixed with German students will take part in a one-week practical project with the internationally active German company Miele. Miele & Cie. KG is a German manufacturer of household and commercial appliances with the headquarter in Gutersloh (near Bielefeld) and a plant in Bielefeld. The products are distributed in 49 countries by the company's own subsidiaries and in more than 50 countries by independent importers. The annual turnover is over 4 billion euros.

In the practical project, the teams will deal with predefined current issues at Miele and then present these in the presence of company executives. In the ESS 2019, participants had the opportunity to work on the topics of agile HR management and agile controlling. The students were also allowed to compare the German and American HR management style and to deal with the competence profile of a "controller". It was particularly pleasing when the students were informed that the project results were supposed to be implemented within the company.

For a better overview of the program schedule, the preliminary program is shown in the left box.

We would be happy to welcome you back in 2021!