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The IoT-Factory offers an unique platform for praxis integrated research for the Center for Applied Data Science. With various sensors built into each module and the computational capacities of the Data-Analytics Cluster of the CfADS, the IoT-Factory reveals a wide field of new methods to answer the latest research questions.




Modular Composition

The persistent connection to the special MES computer and the CfADS server cluster make it possible to operate each module in stand-alone mode without the need of any other module. Because of this modular composition of the modules we can study different issues at the same time. The mobile transport robots include external workstations into the production circle regardless of the availability of any personal. 

The modules of the production line, for example the robot cells, can be separated from the production line to operate in stand-alone mode. In this way parallel studies around different questions is granted.


The compound of the warehouses, production line and mobile transport robots enables the opportunity to avoid the need of humans in the production process. The production line can work without human intervention. Only while restocking the storages with cases for the product, produced by the 3D-Printer, or when removing finished products from the production line personal is needed. The inline label printer provides an unique identification of the finished products for the personal.

Circulatory process


A circulatory process can be implemented by the various actions each robot cell can do. The finished products don’t have to be removed from the production line. After a product reached its final state the process can be reversed and instead of the assembly a disassembly process starts. The components will be stored and can be used for future assembly tasks.

A detailed description of the modules which form the IoT-Factory can be found at the modules page.

Information about the current research projects can be found there too.