FH Bielefeld
University of
Applied Sciences

Intelligent Workpiece

An intelligent workpiece is produced in the IoT-Factory. Right at the start of the production the workpiece will be turned on. The aquired sensor data provided by the workpiece contribute to the overall picture of the data.

The components will be processed by many different stations until the final product is produced. The process starts with outsourcing the backcover from one of the high bay storages. At the first robot assembly station (RASS1) the product gets its heart piece, the main pcb with an ESP8266. At this point the product is turned on and is available via network after a few seconds. The used display is hot-plug capable and shows the first image after a short time and can process touch inputs.

At least one quality assurance module is located after each robot station. After the first robot station it is checked if the display is connected to the main pcb in the correct way.

After the second robot station, at which the product gets its sensor modules, a camera module checks for the correct components and avoids invalid combinations. At the third robot station the front cover is placed at the workpiece.

Technically the product is now finished. Nevertheless after the third robot station the full functions of the different components is tested. One of the tests is the test of the touch display, another one is the test for correct communication and data gathering of the sensor modules.

At the end the product is labeled.