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MDPI-Call for papers

Last year the cooperation agreement between the University of Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, which was initiated by Dr. Sabantina, was signed on 30.10.2020 by both parties. Since then, the cooperation has continued successfully and resulted in a publication in the book “Communications in Computer and Information Science” (Springer), oral presentation at the “Third International Conference-FTNCT-2020, Futuristic Trends in Networks and Computing Technologies”, a lecture at “International Summer School-November 2020” in Taganrog.

Moreover, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Gennady E. Veselov, Prof. Anton Pljonkin from the University of Southern Federal University, Institute of Computer Technologies and Information Security and Dr. Lilia Sabantina from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences,  head of the Junior Research Group “Nanomaterials” as a Guest Editors of a Special Issue "Optical Electronic Systems, Communications and Security" of Journal Electronics (MDPI) was initiated.

Today, secure data transmission is a critical challenge for scientists and engineers. With the development of quantum computers, classical methods of cryptography are threatened and quantum cryptography provides secure communication systems. This special issue deals with optoelectronic systems, communications, control and systems engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, nanomaterials, quantum optics in quantum cryptography, quantum protocols, optical circuits and components, vulnerabilities, and quantum key distribution systems.

The scientists are warmly welcome to submit the papers to this Special Issue.

A special issue of Electronics (ISSN 2079-9292). This Special Issue belongs to the section “Systems & Control Engineering”.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 November 2021.