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Call for Papers: Junior Research Group "Nanomaterials" edits a Special Issue by Polymers (MDPI) together with the University of Málaga


Prof. Dr. Juana Mª Rosas, Prof. Dr. Ramiro Ruiz-Rosas, Dr. Francisco José García Mateos from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the University of Málaga and Dr. Lilia Sabantina from the Department of IuM are publishing a special issue in the internationally renowned journal "Polymers".

This special issue, entitled "Polymeric Nanofibers and Nanotextiles for High-Tech Applications", focuses on the latest research advances in electrospun polymeric nanofibers and nanotextiles for high-tech applications in the fields of filtration, medicine, protective clothing, textiles, automotive, aerospace, environmental protection, energy or information technologies. Interested scientists are invited to submit their manuscripts for this special issue. The Journal Polymers (ISSN 2073-4360) is a recognised open access journal of polymer science, published monthly online by MDPI. It is characterised by high quality and rigorous peer review and enjoys a high reputation (Q1 ranking).

"It was a great honour to be invited as a guest editor for a Special Issue and I was delighted when the University of Malaga's partners agreed to contribute to this project. During my doctorate, I had already published in this internationally recognised journal and had good experiences," Sabantina adds. "I am pleased that Open Access provides fast, free and sustainable access to scientific information and encourages talented academic researchers to make progress in their publishing activities," adds Prof. Juana Mª Rosas.

This cooperation is intended to strengthen the international collaboration between the University of Málaga and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and to build a sustainable, active partnership.

Link: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/polymers/special_issues/polym_nanofiber_nanotextile