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New team member in the project to develop bio-based antiviral face mask to limit coronavirus outbreak


The project idea was developed by PhD students Al Mamun and  Marah Trabelsi. Yusuf Topuz supports Al Mamun in the production of polymer solutions and nanofibre mats with antimicrobial substances and will actively contribute to the project.

Because of the rapid spread of COVID-19, nationwide lockdowns have been imposed in many countries, causing severe damage to economic activity around the world. Researchers around the world are working to provide the best protection for people before a vaccine becomes available for everyone. Wearing a face mask can limit the spread of the virus, because corona virus spreads mainly through saliva droplets and aerosols. So it would be a great chance of reducing virus spread at an early stage.  In this project, research is being carried out into the design and manufacture of an antiviral face mask with bio-based substances such as curcuma, cinnamon, aloe vera, herbal extracts, etc., which contains antimicrobial properties due to these bio-based compounds. 

The project was launched on 15.10.2020 and the first results are already available. In an electrospinning process with the "Nanospider" machine, the nanofibre mats were produced with curcuma and cinnamon. In the context of the project, various tests will be carried out and mechanisms for deactivating pathogens will be investigated.

This project is supported within the framework of the university's internal initiative "Innovations against the corona crisis" by internal funds of the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, which facilitate the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and contribute to protection against infection. The project duration is one year and will run until 30.06.2021 and the project budget amounts to 3,000 euros.