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Prof. Dr.-Ing.Sven Battermann

Characterization of test sites used for EMC compliance tests

My dissertation deals about the "Characterization of real test-sites for the generation and measurement of electromagnetic fields". Different effects have been pointed out that results in a deviation between the measurement on a real (limited size) test site and an ideal test site, which is an infinite spread metallic groundplane with infinite high conductivity. For further information please take a look at Charakterisierung realer Testanlagen zur Messung und Erzeugung elektromagnetischer Felder


Emission measurements (above 1 GHz)

Clock speeds of electronic systems are getting higher and higher. As a result it is necessary to perform EMC compliance measurements up to about 40 GHz. In this frequency range the electronic size of the equipment under test (EUT) is quite large, which results an a possible high directivity of the EUT. The typically used emission measurement procedure with an E-field scan in one plane gives only a low probability to detect the maximal emission of the EUT. Besides the normally used fully anechoic rooms (FAR) have to be validated.

Emission measurements

Time-frequency representations of signals

Various modulation techniques and use of broadband services makes spectrum monitoring quite complicated. The normally used sweep with a limited intermediate frequency bandwith of the receiver gives only a very small insight into the real activity at each frequency. In fact it is necessary to do a fast broadband measurement to obtain the time dependent activity on each frequency. This kind of time-frequency representation (e.g. Wigner-Ville-distribution, STFT, ...) enables a better insight into the real physical behaviour of the setup.

Time-frequency representations

Broadband data communication (DSL, PLC, BPL)

A typical application of broadband services is "broadband over powerline (BPL)" or "powerline communication (PLC)". The power distribution network is used for data communication on the short-wave frequency range which results in a high propability of interference with other services using the same frequency range.

Activities in standardization

Research in the EMC area is quite interesting - especially when problems have to be solved. Beside this way it is quite reasonable to enable a practical use of new measurement ideas or other improvements. Therefore I am active in different standardization committees.