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Accounting for Biogas Plant Substrate Production – An Agricultural Use Case for Smart Contracts

Henning Deeken
CLAAS E-Systems KGaA mbH & Co KG
Advanced Engineering
Sommerkaempen 11
49201 Dissen


Phone +49 5421 9311-8752
mailto: henning.deeken@claas.com


Henning Deeken is a project engineer in the Advanced Engineering department of the CLAAS E-Systems. He is working on the BMBF-funded research project SOFiA, which is concerned with the decentralized control and the automated accounting of logistic supply chains. He studied Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University with a focus on robotics and 3D environment mapping. He is currently pursuing is PhD in computer science at the Knowledge-based Systems Group, Osnabrück University, too. His thesis topic is concerned with applying semantic mapping technology in the control of agricultural processes, e.g. harvesting campaigns.