FH Bielefeld
University of
Applied Sciences

"The good, the bad and the ugly truth about EdTech”

Promising real life examples based on DreamApply.com experience.

Märt Aro
Head of International Operations
DreamApply, Estonia

+372 53415761 | mart.aro@dreamapply.com
Skype: mart_aro | www.dreamapply.com

During his session he plans to cover the following topics.

  • Shortly summarise the importance of EdTech ecosystem development in Europe.
  • Elaborate the dream of DreamApply.
  • Give a brief introduction of DreamApply.com and how we are supporting universities in modernization process and quality assurance.
  • Explain the road of DreamApply.com since the beginning, giving focus to the hurdles we had to go through and successes. And also give real life examples of projects that DreamApply is working on.
  • As the last but not least in a few examples, why and how DreamApply participates in general GovTech / EdTech ecosystem development.

Märt is passionate about education development. Already during secondary school Mart was actively organizing educational events for peers on national level. Mart has specific interest in internationalization of education, as he believes that studying abroad is very important for one’s self-development.

Since 2004 Märt has established several organizations/companies in the area of education development. At the moment Märt is dedicated on DreamApply.com Student Admission Platform that he co-founded in 2011. DreamApply.com is now used by 200+ universities from across 25+ countries in Europe, serving hundreds of thousands of students’ applications per year.

He also enjoys doing internationalization consultations/trainings on university and national level.

Märt also is a proud father of two lovely sons Aston (11) and Hasse Kristjan (9).